Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Misc VB6 to C# Commands

Quick reference VB6 to C#

Q: How do you replicate VB6's Debug.Print in C#?
A: In C#, Add using System.Diagnostics; to the top of the project. Then it is possible to use:

   Debug.Print("debug text");
   Debug.Write("writes without adding the newline character");
   Debug.WriteLine("writes with adding the newline character");

All three methods write to the Immediate window in C# just as Debug.Print does in VB6.

Q: How do you replicate the VB6 mid$ function in C#?
   VB6: mid$("ABCDEFG12345", 7, 2)
returns "G1"

   C# Debug.Print("ABCDEFG1234".Substring(6, 2));
returns "G1"
(note how in VB6 strings the first string's (A in the string above) reference is 1, while in C# the first string's reference is 0.)
Q: How do you call a routine in C# or why do I get the error: 

Only assignment, call, increment, decrement, and new object expressions can be used as a statement

VB6: Call myRoutine or

C#: myRoutine(); // you must add the () at the end of the routine in C#!