Monday, April 2, 2012

Export C# DLL to Metatrader

I've recently learned several methods for exporting a C# DLL for use outside .NET and specifically to Metatrader. The first method was alluded to in the article:
Write CSharp (C#) DLL for Metatrader.

This is a template created to make things simpler.

C# Project Template for Unmanaged Exports

The template method works but you have to delete the default function and use a slightly different syntax. (see next post).

I've seen two other articles that I haven't yet had time to fully explore but that I've heard work for simplifying the export of a C# DLL.

Simple Method of DLL Export without C++/CLI

How to Automate Exporting .NET Function to Unmanaged Programs

This second article looks not too difficult and I've heard good feedback on its implementation.

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